Lagom is a Swedish word that describes the feeling when something has ‘perfect balance’ or is ‘just right’. We believe that this word perfectly embodies our ethos, our desire to capture the magical state of something that is ‘just right’. This may be difficult to attain, but when you do, something inside tells you it's Lagom.

Our Story
From humble beginings

Our story began in a bijou, Parisian apartment in the 16th arrondissement close to the River Seine. It was the perfect spot and I would often walk the few blocks to the Famous Palais de Tokyo and the Paris Museum of Modern Art taking inspiration from many of the artists I found inside. It was during this springtime in Paris that I decided to create something really special, this something 'just right' would become Lagom. Lagom Design was established in April 2007 with the aim of placing a renewed focus on quality in print and design, applying our philosophy to all the gifts, greetings cards, stationery, gift-wrap, prints and textiles we create and sell. Our first collection was with a Swedish artist and friend Hanna Werning, followed by two of my own.

From humble beginnings Lagom has grown into an international business and has crafted paper products and gifts for over 22 countries worldwide. We also attract some of the most talented illustrators and artists in the world and now have over 25 collections of cards, gifts and wrap. Our story is not finished yet, perhaps our next inspirational home will be a converted loft overlooking the sea! We'd really love to open a shop and diversify with a collection of homewares, but in true Lagom spirit we are waiting for the right place, the perfect time. We'll keep you posted but whichever way our story unfolds, we will always be committed to keeping the spirit of print alive.

Kelly Hyatt, Creative Director
Our Approach
The Lagom Way

To get things ‘just right’ we believe that you need expertise, creativity and passion. When we founded Lagom Design we set out to ensure that these three attributes always form the basis of our work.

Here at Lagom we are involved in the creative process from start to finish, working closely with local suppliers so that we can develop products that are well conceived, thoughtful, individual, beautifully tactile, collectible and cherished. Each member of our team brings something different to Lagom Design. We all have different skills, abilities and professional backgrounds and that's what makes it so special. Our different personalities and contrasting interests form a creative, balanced and rounded approach to everything we do. This all means we spend a lot of time discussing our products, and whether something is too little, too much or just right. We hope you agree that we've achieved the right balance and deliver products for you that are truly Lagom.

Our Environment
Caring for our environment

Here at Lagom we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and firmly believe that creating beautiful things does not have to be at the expense of the planet. We take special care to ensure that all of our activities and products are as sustainable as possible. In fact, every sheet of paper that we use for our cards is from one of the most environmentally friendly paper mills in the world. The mill is situated on the west coast of Sweden, by the Örekil River. It is one of Sweden’s richest salmon rivers and flows into the country’s only threshold fjord, Gullmarn. We combine frugality and respect for natural resources while developing a commercially viable and creative business that challenges the norm. This is part of the natural balance we strive to achieve and lies at the very heart of Lagom.

  • Accredited sustainable papers & recycled papers.
  • Smaller page sizes and reduced weights where possible.
  • Biodegradable thermal lamination.
  • 22% less plastic shrink wrap film.
  • Vegetable-based printing inks.
  • Chemical–free thermal plate-making processes.
  • 100% of manufacturing waste reclaimed or recycled.
A Final Note
The art of correspondence

The art of correspondence has never been more valuable than it is today, whether you are penning a note of thanks or sending a birthday card. No electronic medium can replicate the tactile joy of a beautiful greetings card,the feel of the card in your hands or the soft sound of opening it. There is nothing better than a personal hand written card and creating the perfect one for you to send is still so important to us. Whatever changes we will always strive to create cards, wrap and gifts using the best in beautiful, contemporary and original design. We believe love, wishes and thoughts are best communicated with personal gifts that touch the heart and soul.

For more news from behind the scenes at Lagom Design, you can follo us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Alternatively you could send an email, or better still send a wonderful handwritten note. Who knows, maybe we'll send you a gift in return!

Keeping in touch:

For more news from behind the scenes at Lagom Design, you can follo us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Alternatively you could send an email, or better still send a wonderful handwritten note. Who knows, maybe we'll send you a gift in return!

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